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December 19, 2019 at 8:01 | FOOD, RECIPES

Delicious, Fun and Great Chocolate Cake


This chocolate cake is certainly one of the most popular cake on world. Since it was presented as a cake decorated with tic, I decided (given that it is chocolate) to decorate it with chocolate details.

You often ask me which cakes I recommend for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. Sometimes you are interested in which cakes are sturdy enough and tasty to decorate with tic. This Great chocolate cake is perfect for every occasions.

The chocolate cream is also very tasty but also firm so that everything can be done with the cake. Whipped cream that you don’t like can throw it out, it’s important in the recipe to make it good to be firm and to be part of this solid cake. I note that this chocolate cake is extremely solid.

According to this recipe, biscuits, chocolate cream and whipped cream go in layers, but if you like dark chocolate cakes then be sure to try this simple cake.



  •      12 eggs
  •      12 tablespoons sugar
  •      9 tablespoons flour
  •      7 tablespoons of cocoa
  •      1 baking powder
  •      pinch of salt


  •      1 l of milk
  •      4 chocolate puddings
  •      150 gr of chocolate for cooking
  •      6 tablespoons sugar
  •      250 g room temperature margarine


  •      400 ml whipped cream
  •      6 tablespoons apricot jam


  •      4 bags of chocolate cake cream
  •      400 ml of cold milk


  •      200 gr of chocolate for cooking
  •      150 ml whipped cream
  •      various chocolates for decoration


1. Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites, and add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and make into a solid snow.
2. Add the yolks to the egg yolks and make a foamy mixer.
3. Add the baking powder to the flour and stir with a spoon, add and mix the cocoa and add in the egg yolks, combine with a mixer.
4. Add the egg whites and mix gently with a half of the foam. Add the rest of the egg whites and combine with the foam, but as soon as the mixture is even, stop stirring until the mixture drops.
5. Place greasy paper at the bottom of the 26 cm mold and pour the mixture, place the oven in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 35-40 minutes.
6. Allow the baked biscuit to cool, then cut it into three equal parts.


1. Mix the pudding and sugar with a little milk and bring the rest of the milk to a boil.
2. In the boiling milk, add the prepared pudding and cook until the mixture is thick.
3. Remove from heat and add chopped chocolate, mixing until the chocolate is melted.
4. Transfer the pudding to another pan, cover with transparencies and allow to cool.
5. Remove the cooled mixture from the transparencies, mix with the mixer and add the cut margarine at room temperature and combine well.


1. Coat the biscuit with 3 tablespoons of jam.
2. Half cream.
3. Half a firmly made whipped cream.
4. Coat the biscuit with 3 tablespoons of jam.
5. The rest of the cream.
6. The rest of the whipped cream.
7. Press the biscuit gently with your fingers.


1. Put whipped cream over low heat to heat so it can melt chocolate.
2. Pour the whipped cream over the shredded cooking chocolate and mix until the chocolate is melted, let cool and begin to gently simmer.


1. Coat the whole complex cake with the made cake cream.
2. With a piece of cake around the cake, release the ganache glaze jets, then pour the rest of the ganache glaze over the surface. If you prefer, you can immediately pour the ganache over the surface of the cake and release the jets around with a smear.


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